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Experience the magic of your femininity

A celebration of femininity

TYES BY TARA is an award-winning brand that designs jewelry, accessories, intimates and bridal gifts to celebrate femininity. Established in 2010, TYES BY TARA aims to help women feel feminine, confident and independent with our exclusive designs, giftable packaging and handcrafted quality. Seen on celebrities like Christina Milian, KiKi West and Annalee Belle, our collections aim to reimagine accessorizing with elegance, beauty and femininity. #tyesbytara

Founder & Owner

TYES BY TARA was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2010 with the vision to help individuals feel beautiful, elegant and feminine by designing jewelry, accessories and intimates. From humble beginnings to today, TYES BY TARA is now available in stores worldwide.

Exclusive Designs Pearl Handcuffs


Curating inspiration from fashion, music and fitness, Tara carefully designs each product to ensure originality, beauty and sophistication.

Handcrafted Quality | Feminine Intimate Jewelry and Lingerie Accessories


Our products are attentively crafted in our studio in Denver, Colorado using the highest quality materials so your TYES BY TARA will last for years to come.

Love, Tara | Feminine Jewelry, Accessories and Intimates


We value the power of the details.  A smile.  A wink.  A hand.  These small but powerful elements are transformative, not only in life but also in style.  

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