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Poolside Pretty

Posted on May 29 2016

Poolside Pretty

Exhibit your inner sun goddess this summer with these simple yet important beauty tips for all you lovelies sitting pretty poolside or oceanside. 
1.  Sunscreen: While is maybe completely obvious, I am guilty of not wearing it all the time.  You want to get color so why would you wear it?  Well to protect your skin from to much over exposure.  Moderation is key and skin cancer just sucks. You will achieve your glow eventually but remember to do it safely.  You don't want to age too quickly, now do you?
2.  Waterproof it:  Wearing waterproof mascara can suck and then it can not suck.  There's nothing really worst than coming out of the pool with black eyes because your mascara went all cray.  
3.  Frizz control: The heat and the chemicals from the pool can be hard on your precious tresses so remember to apply a leave in conditioner or heat protector to keep your tresses safe and looking freshy fresh.
4.  Lighten up: Wearing liquid foundation when your sweating may not be the best thing for your skin.  Opt for a lighter option like facial powder or a light tint moisturizer as a substitute to those sometimes heavy foundations.