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  • Accessorizing to Intrigue

    What is it? That thing that catches your attention. That leaves you wanting more. How do you create it through style? It's more simple than you think. Capture intrigue in your looks through accessorizing. By adding a bracelet, heel accessories, a bow belt or even a lingerie harness will instantly transform your everyday look to an intriguing statement. The Ivy Collection of feminine jewelry, accessories and intimates is designed to make your look captivate your audience with wild beauty. Ahead are items from the Ivy Collection that you may want to incorporate into your next #OOTD. Ivy Bratye Lingerie Harness Discover beauty in accessorizing with this versatile and sensual lingerie harness designed to entangle your look with wild femininity. A criss cross design caresses your torso allowing you to accessorize it with a blazer, a tight dress or perhaps your favorite lingerie set. Whatever you want to accessorize it with allow this lingerie harness add a hint of beauty and intrigue wherever you want to go. Ivy Legtyes Leg Garters Entangle your thighs with the sweetest of seduction in these criss cross leg garters with a handcrafted satin tye. Designed to light up your favorite sensual #OOTDs with femininity, these adjustable leg garters can easily be worn with leggings, under a skirt or perhaps with nothing at all. Delight your favorite looks with intrigue and originality. Ivy Heeltyes Heel Accessories Make each step you take even sweeter with these flirty and feminine heel accessories designed to highlight your feet and ankles. Wear these with your favorite heels, sandals or even wear them higher as calve garters. However you decide to style these sexy heel accessories, you will find your way to intrigue.

  • Contour with Bow Belts

    We all have them. And we all have to decide what to do with them. Either hide them. Or celebrate them. Curves are a beautiful part of your body that you can either minimize or capitalize. And the Beltyes Collection of feminine bow belts is a a beautiful way to celebrate your curves without much effort. From simple to bold, flirty to seductive, this collection of bow belts can take you from that first date to your honeymoon, from your interview to your promotion, and everywhere in between. Ahead are three bow belts that you should consider celebrating your curves with. Honey Bow Chain Belt Sometimes you just need something small. Something dainty. Something sweet to get the accessorizing imagination going. The Honey Bow Chain Belt is a beautiful way to accessorize your curves whether you are going to work, out to play or anywhere in between. A dainty chain encircles the waist while a handcrafted satin tye accents anywhere you please. Wear it to the front, side or to the back for a sensual accessorizing experience. Enchantress Bow Belt Enchant your look with bewitchingly beautiful style in this adjustable bow belt designed to help you celebrate your curves with a variety of different looks. Wear this bow belt with your pencil skirt, lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all. An adjustable belt band gives you the versatility to wear it to the front, side or even to the back. When you aren't sure what to accessorize with, start with the Enchantress adjustable bow belt. Highness Bow Belt Discover beauty in classic style in the Highness Collection bow belt with a soft elastic adjustable belt band and classic satin tye. Perfect with a pencil skirt, long collared shirt or perhaps a pair of lacy booty shorts, this classic bow belt can be accessorized inside and outside the bedroom. No matter what you wear the Highness bow belt with, it will celebrate your curves no matter where you want to go.

  • Feminine Finishes with Bow Earrings

    Playing dress up. Shopping for new clothes. Looking at influencers and blogs for the latest trends. Does this sound familiar? If so, we got you. Because, well, we do it to. Look, we all love to dress up from time to time. It's something we've done since we were little kids. So finding those feminine finishes is something we all enjoy. That is why the Eartyes Collection of feminine bow earrings and bow earring studs is such a game changer. These handcrafted bow earrings effortlessly blend into your favorite looks while adding a hint of femininity and elegance wherever you want to go. Ahead are three bow earrings and bow earring studs that you should consider when you are looking for that feminine finish. Honey Eartyes Bow Earrings Pretty fly for a bow tye. These simple and sweet bow earrings are seriously the *BEST* thing that has happened to your jewelry box in a while. Delicate and pretty, these handcrafted satin bow earrings are a beautiful blend of versatility and femininity for all ages. Wear them to work, out to play or anywhere in between. The Honey Eartyes bow earrings are a easy option when you need an accessorizing solution. Secrets Eartyes Bow Dangle Earrings What's your secret? You know. That special style you have that no one else does? A piece of that secret is accessorizing. And these beautifully playful bow dangle earrings might just do. the. trick. Delight your favorite looks with effortless femininity in these beautiful bow earrings you can take on that first date, out to brunch or even just lounging around your boudoir. The world is yours so go enjoy it with a hint of playful femininity. Femme Fatale Bow Earrings Where femininity meets sophistication. Meet the Femme Fatale bow earrings studs. They are like your #BFF. Not only will they go anywhere you want to go, they will make accessorizing fresh and fun. Beautiful satin tyes and a lead-free earring posts delight your look with that hint of femininity that you can not resist. Available in pink, black and white, which one will you choose? When it comes to accessorizing your next look, let the Femme Fatale bow earring studs do it for you.

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  • Coax | Bow Jewelry, Fashion Accessories & Sensual Intimates | TYES BY TARA

    COAX SEDUCTIVELY SIMPLE JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES Quick View Coax Pink Bratye Price $30.00 Quick View Coax Bridal Bratye Price $30.00 Quick View Coax Bratye Price $30.00 Quick View Coax Tyelet Price $20.00 Quick View Coax Ringtye Price $18.00 Quick View Coax Ankletye Price $18.00 Quick View Coax Eartyes Price $22.00 CoAX Discover the power of the smallest details with this collection of seductively simple jewelry, accessories and intimates. From bow hoop earrings, bow bracelets, bow anklets, adjustable bow rings to lingerie cage bra harnesses, this collection will light up your imagination to all the accessorizig possibilityes.

  • Sale | Sensual Accessories On Sale | TYES BY TARA

    SaLe LATEST MARKDOWNS, LIMITED EDITIONS & ONE-OF-A-KINDS Quick View Clandela Bridal Eartyes Regular Price $36.00 Sale Price $18.00 Quick View Sex Kitten Tyera Regular Price $22.00 Sale Price $15.40 Quick View Final Sale Femme Fatale Tyelet Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $15.00 Quick View Final Sale Romance Novel Niptyes Regular Price $22.00 Sale Price $15.40 Quick View Final Sale Chantilly Bridal Leg Garters Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $15.00 Quick View Final Sale Chantilly Bowtye Regular Price $22.00 Sale Price $18.70 Quick View Final Sale Bougie Ankletye Regular Price $20.00 Sale Price $16.00 Quick View Final Sale Chantilly Ankletye Regular Price $22.00 Sale Price $17.60 Quick View Final Sale Vixen Legtyes Regular Price $25.00 Sale Price $17.50 Quick View Final Sale Limited Edition Mademoiselle Tyecuffs Regular Price $30.00 Sale Price $18.00 Sale Shop the latest markdown and sale jewelry, accessories and intimates designed to celebrate femininity! From one-of-a-kinds to limited editions to discontinued collections, this is the place to find sweet savings.

  • Do Me Proper | Sensual Nipple Jewelry & Lingerie Jewelry | TYES BY TARA

    do me ProPer RESPECTABLE INTIMATE JEWELRY & LINGERIE ACCESSORIES Quick View Do Me Proper Bridal Bowtye Price $25.00 Quick View Do Me Proper Pink Bratye Price $36.00 Quick View Do Me Proper Ringtye Price $16.00 Quick View Do Me Proper Niptyes Price $32.00 Quick View Do Me Proper Bratye Price $36.00 Quick View Do Me Proper Bowtye Price $25.00 Do Me Proper Sensual Sophistication. Give your style the respect it deserves with this collection of sensually sophisticated jewelry, accessories & intimates. Each tye in this collection is inspired by sensual sophistication.

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