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Boudoir Accessories

A Celebration of femininity


TYES BY TARA is an award-winning brand that celebrates femininity by designing jewelry, accessories, intimates and bridal!  Explore collections of feminine jewelry, lingerie accessories and sensual intimates! #tyesbytara


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• Behind the Tyes •

Join the Celebration of Femininity

Tyes By Tara designs feminine jewelry, lingerie accessories and sensual intimates to help women feel feminine.  Featuring thoughtfully curated collections, beautifully versatile designs along with handcrafted quality, Tyes by Tara offers feminine jewelry, accessories and intimate collections that you can easily wear from dawn to dusk. Encounter a boutique accessorizing experience like never before by shopping boudoir jewelry, lingerie accessories and women intimates that will transcend any look you desire. From black hair bows to boudoir accessories to soft bondage, Tyes By Tara creates a beautiful continuum of intimate jewelry, erotic accessories even bridal intimates to help you discover your femininity through accessorizing.

The Jewelry Collection is designed to go with you wherever you go with beautifully versatile bow jewelry, adjustable bow rings, bow bracelets, chokers, earrings, and necktie necklaces. From your desk to your boudoir, this collection of feminine jewelry are the perfect additions to your jewelry box because of their classic feminine designs and long-lasting handcrafted quality. Whether you want a kitten choker for that first date or you want to make a bold statement with a feminine bracelet for your next night out, the Jewelry Collection allows you to accessorize your look with feminine style.

Define your style with femininity by incorporating the Accessories Collection into your next look. Effortlessly stylish with a modern feminine twist, the Accessories Collection includes feminine hair accessories, hair bows for adults, shoe bows, heel accessories, lace anklets to bow belts. Accessorize anything in your wardrobe with sophistication and style with this versatile collection of feminine accessories that will transform your look and help you discover your feminine style.

If you dare to take your style to a more sensual landscape, indulge in the Intimates Collection of sensual intimates, lingerie accessories, nipple clamps, lingerie harnesses, burlesque pasties and cage bras to ignite your style with feminine sensuality. Designed for the sophisticated flirt, this collection allows you to explore your boundaries with everything from nipple accessories to soft bondage to show you accessorizing can go beyond style to create intimate moments that will last forever.

Discover the power of your femininity.