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The Magic of Femininity


TYES BY TARA is an award-winning brand that designs jewelry, accessories & intimates to celebrate femininity. Our vision is to help women discover, embrace and celebrate their femininity.

Reimagine Accessorizing


To design jewelry, accessories & intimates that help women realize all that is she and all that she wants to be. Curating inspiration from fashion, music and fitness, Tara carefully designs each product to ensure originality, beauty and sophistication.

Our Beliefs


🖤 The Power of Details
We value the power of the smallest things.  A smile.  A wink.  A hand.
These small but powerful details are transformative, not only in life, but also in style.
🖤 Femininity is a Virtue
We believe that femininity should be embraced.  Beauty, softness, and kindness are often associated with femininity and it should be celebrated.
🖤 Confidence Over Competition
We believe in the power of confidence over competition.  We want to make every women confident in her accessorizing so much so that she does not compete with others.