Caught Pastyes

Caught Pastyes

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The feeling.  The rush.  The act of being caught.  That emotion is what inspired these evocatively feminine nipple covers.

Handcrafted satin tyes

Soft netting detail

Sparkly nipple covers

Adhesive tape

Why choose us?

inspire your femininity

TYES BY TARA is on a mission to help women explore, embrace and celebrate their femininity. Each item that we create is designed to light up your look, inspire your confidence and allow you to enjoy your own unique style. 



Flirty, girlish and with a couture finish, Tyes By Tara creates the most beautiful lingerie accessories.

A beautiful and unique blend of lingerie accessories that define femininity through accessorizing.

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Enjoy accessorizing like you should with our collections of exclusive designs, innate versatility and handcrafted quality!

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