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Yes to Bridal Leg Garters

October. A beautiful time of year. In the northern hemisphere, the leaves are beginning to fall, the air turns crisp. And the wedding vows are said the most. Yes. That's right. October has become the busiest month for weddings. And it's easy to see why. This transitional month captures the beauty of summer and the enchantment of winter. So accessorizing this special occasion is an important decision for any bride, bridesmaid or gift giver. Bridal leg garters vary widely and come in many different styles and sizes. So deciding on one my take some time and analysis. That is why the Legtyes Collection of bridal leg garters offers a varied selection allowing you to discover what style you love most. Ahead are three bridal leg garters that you should consider when you walk down the aisle.

The Secrets Legtyes Bridal Leg Garters

Want to know a secret? The Secrets Legtyes, from the Secrets Collection, bridal leg garters can be worn not just on your wedding day, but also on your wedding night, honeymoon and anniversary. Keep these garters with you to make the most intimate and beautiful memories of love and romance. These handcrafted bow bridal leg garters features satin tyes and a elastic strap so you can adjust the fit as you please.

The Daisy Legtyes Bridal Leg Garters

Say yes to irresistible femininity in these chiffon daisy leg garters from the Daisy Collection. These soft elastic daisy leg garters feature an adjustable strap and tye detail that you can wear with your wedding dress, lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all. Delight your most intimate experiences with beauty and femininity with these flower wedding leg garters.

The Bougee Bridal Leg Garters

Experience the magic of romance and all things extra with these lacy bridal leg garters from the Bougee Collection. These bridal leg garters feature lacy wispy tails and a handcrafted tye with an adjustable strap making them perfect to wear on your wedding day, wedding night, honeymoon, anniversary or any time you please. Discover the beauty of bridal accessorizing with these bridal leg garters.

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