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Sweet Kink with Cage Bras

To intrigue. To ignite. To unhinge. All things that enable a sort of release. A freedom if you will. To express who you are and attract what you deserve. Whether it's taking a risk on a new opportunity at work, booking a flight last minute or even as simple as mixing up what you want to wear. Let's start with the simple. Like adding on a cage bra to something you might not have. Cage bras are those gateway accessories that enable you to explore more ways to accessorize outside the normal realm of necklaces and earrings. The Bratye Collection of feminine cage bras and accessories is a beautiful way to feel a little risky while keeping that sweet innocence. Ahead are three cage bra bratyes that you should consider when you want to intrigue. To ignite. And perhaps, to unhinge your current POV and uncover something more.

French Kiss Pearl Cage Bra

Experience the magic of your curves with this feminine cage bra harness that is a beautiful blend of a body chain and a cage bra. A creamy pearl strand cascades down the front of the torso while an adjustable waist caresses your curves for a beautiful and unique way to accessorize your favorite looks. Wear it with your business suit or under a low cut shirt to pique the imagination of those who admire you.

Lady Bratye Cage Bra

Live your #bestlife like a lady in this ultra-feminine cage bra designed to accentuate your curves and highlight your neck. A frilly and intricate elastic contours the torso while ladylike tyes accent the sides for an unexpectedly sweet finish. Wear this with your favorite bodycon dress, lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all. Taking risks on new accessories has never been more fun or should I say ladylike.

Kinkette Cage Bra Harness

Want to play? Then this Kinkette Cage Bra is the perfect way to try new ways to accessorize while exploring new ways to highlight your curves. Soft elastic straps caress the front to the torso while a satin tye accents the waist for a flirty finish you can wear with cocktail dresses, bodycon attire or perhaps nothing at all. Kink has never been this sweet.

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