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Sophisticated x Sensual with Bowtyes Bow Chokers

Accessorizing is like putting the icing on the cake. You've got the foundation of your #OOTD, which is your clothes, your shoes and your makeup. But now it's time to punctuate your style into completion. Accessories can transform the final look so chose them wisely. Whether you want to create a sophisticated finish or perhaps a more playful one, the Bowtyes Collection of feminine bow chokers is a beautiful, easy and affordable way to discover accessorizing. Ahead are three bowtye bow chokers that you should consider when you accessorize your next look.

Femme Fatale Bow Choker

Light up your look with a hint of sophisticated sensuality in this choker inspired by the Femme Fatale in you. Similar to the traditional masculine bow tie design, this feminine bow choker beautifully finishes your favorite work looks. From a pencil skirt and blazer to a t-shirt and jeans, this bow choker is a fun and easy piece to wear. A soft elastic neckband encircles the neck making it so comfortable you can wear it all day and all night,

Menage A Trois Bow Necklace

Flirt through accessorizing with this beautiful bow necklace inspired by passion and love. Three satin tyes cascade down the side of neck giving any look a sensual finish. Wear this sensual bow necklace with your favorite open neck shirt or tunic for a beautiful finish you can take with you wherever you want to go. Finish your #OOTD with this unique and sensual bow necklace from the Menage A Trois Collection.

Marie Antoinette Bow Choker

Sometimes a little playful accessorizing can go a long way. Like with the Marie Antoinette velvet bow choker inspired by all things vintage and feminine. This classic bow choker will easily become a staple in your accessorizing wardrobe. Wear it to work and beyond as this bow choker easily accessorizes with a collared shirt, flirty blouse or perhaps nothing at all. Experiment with all the ways you can accessorize this classic bow choker.

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