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Self Love with Simple Styling

Self love. It is quite an all encompassing term. It could mean quite different things to different people. Whether it's taking another lap around the track to clear your mind or sitting in silence watching the sun set, there are different ways to experience self love. Physical self love is the most tangiable of the bunch. Whether you want to buy yourself a new dress to celebrate that you lost 5 pounds or step into a new pair of shoes to dance the night away, there are plenty of simple styling techniques that you can employ to love yourself even more. Ahead are three simple accessorizing tools you can use next time you want to give yo'self some love.

Enchantress Ringtye Bow Ring

Cast your spell with this feminine bow ring designed to make everything you touch sweeter. Long wispy tails glide over the top of the fingers making it feel enchanting; just like you! This adjustable bow ring is a beautiful and simple way to style your favorite looks from the boudoir to the boardroom. Take this sweet bow ring with you anywhere so that you can remember just how enchanting you are.

Highness Tyera Bow Headband

Crown youself like the #queen you are with this seductively classic bow headband from the iconic Highness Collection. Wear your hair up or wear it down, whatever hair style you want allow this satin adult bow headband delight your favorite #OOTD with beauty and timelessness that you can savor everytime you wear it.

Lady Bratye Cage Lingerie Harness

Discover the power of your femininity with this ultra-flattering lingerie harness designed to contour your curves with beauty and versatility. Wear this sultry cage bra with a collared white shirt, tank top or lacy nothing. The world is yours with this simple yet seductive styling tool that you can employ whenever you want to show your curves some love.

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