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Power x Passion with Bow Tie HandCuffs

That thing. That attraction. That fetish. Some people may call it a soulmate. A lover. A karmic relationship. However you define your relationship with that special someone, allow the Tyecuffs Collection of feminine soft bondage handcuffs delight your most intimate moments with power, passion and a little play. Designed to give you all the fun without the fear, this collection of bow tie handcuffs are a beautiful way to celebrate femininity while surrendering to the power of passion. Ahead are three bow tie cuffs that are designed to create intimate moments that make sweet memories.

FiFi Faux Fur Tyecuffs

Always vegan and cruelty-free, these feminine bow tie handcuffs are a beautiful and flirtatious way to explore the beauty of bondage. Long pink satin tyes encircle the wrists, ankles or wherever your heart desires. Fluffy faux fur create a flirtatious experience that you can enjoy again and again. No need to worry about weak clasps or unsoldered chain, this collection is welcoming for the beginner but strong enough for your most passionate moments.

Vixen Sparkly Handcuffs

Experience the magic of surrender with these ultra-feminine and sparkly handcuffs designed to encircle the wrists or the ankles or wherever your heart desires. Long satin tyes create a variety of different ways you can enjoy. Inspired by the fierce female, the Vixen Sparkly bow tie handcuffs are a perfect sensual gift or a sweet intimate surprise. Experience how powerful bondage can be with these sparkly handcuffs.

Fringe with Benefits Tyecuffs Handcuffs

Flirt without a word in these feminine and flirty handcuffs from the Fringe with Benefits Collection. Sliding satin loops accented with playful fringe make these handcuffs are a perfect way to begin your bondage exploration. No need to worry about tugging too hard or breaking them apart, these fringe handcuffs are playfully serious and serious about play. Soft bondage with these bow tie handcuffs has never been more fun.

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