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Pearl Nipple Ties | Pearls in the Bedroom

Luxury is not just for hotels, big cities nor restaurants. Luxury belongs to all who seek it. Whether it's luxury in pleasure, luxury in fashion or even just luxury in getting a Starbucks. Finding ways to discover and indulge in luxury is an individual preference that can be measured by the eye of the beholder. So if you want to enjoy luxury in all aspects of your life, take it into the bedroom. This intimate space will help you discover the beauty and dynamic of luxury in a new light. That is way our collection of pearl nipple ties is a unique and intimate way to explore luxury like never before. Ahead are three pearl nipple ties that you should consider when you want to indulge in luxury.

Pearl Nipple Ties | La Sophisticate NIptyes

Because jewelry is more than you think. Allow this pearl nipple tie necklace show you how to intimately accessorize without the commitment of a piercing. This beautifully handcrafted pearl nipple tie necklace features a beautifully dramatic black chain with creamy glass pearls that caress the neck and torso. Wear this pearl nipple tie necklace under a sheer shirt or perhaps with nothing at all.

Pearl Nipple Ties | Marie Antoinette Niptyes

Uncover a statement that you will want to make again and again with these non-piercing nipple ties from the Marie Antoinette Collection. Inspired by the beauty of classic glamour, these pearl nipple ties are a beautiful way to intimately accessorize. Wear them during a striptease, under a blazer or lacy nothing to add a hint of luxury to whatever your heart desires.

Pearl Nipple Ties | Romance Novel Niptyes

Light up your most intimate moments with an accent of sensual luxury in these ultra-playful pearl nipple ties designed to delight and entice. Handcrafted satin tyes adorn non-piercing nipple clamps with dangling pearls that you will enjoy with every move you make. Discover luxury in a new light with these pearl nipple ties.

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