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One Way Ticket with Bow Anklets

We've dreamt about it. We planned it out. We are ready. Ready to take the leap and enjoy wherever the weekend takes us. Isn't that what weekends are all about? So book that one way ticket. But don't forget your suitcase. Whether you want to pack for a formal event or play it cool for lounging by the pool, allow the Ankletye Collection of bow anklets to go with you. From lacy to rhinestone mesh, this collection will make each step you take even sweeter. Ahead are three bow anklets that you should consider when you are ready to book that one way ticket.

Vixen Rhinestone Sparkly Bow Anklet

Sparkle in an unexpected light with this glamorously feminine bow anklet inspired by the Vixen in you. This sparkly anklet features handcrafted satin tyes with a thick rhinestone mesh anklet band commanding the attention of your audience. Wear this sultry bow anklet with that little black dress or lacy nothing. It''s so versatile you might not want to take it off.

Bougee Ankletye Lacy Bow Anklet

When you want something a little softer and more feminine, for perhaps that romantic randevu, the Bougee lacy bow anklet is a beautiful way to accessorize with unexpected sweetness. This versatile lacy bow anklet is perfect with a flowy dress or even over leggings for a unique accent. Wear this beautiful anklet with you wherever your adventure takes you. A soft elastic band makes it so comfy you make want to wear it all day and all night.

La Sophisticate Pearl Bow Anklet

Discover just how sweet sophistication can be with this ultra-feminine bow anklet with luxuriously creamy pearl accents. Inspired by all things luxurious, this simple yet sophisticated bow anklet is a beautiful way to add some feminine intrigue to your next outfit. Wear out on the town or for an intimate night in, this feminine bow anklet will go with you wherever you want to go!

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