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Lingerie Looks with Harnesses

It's been happening for a while now. And it's hot. It's sexy. And we all like to do it. Taking a hint of the bedroom into the world. Whether it's a layering your favorite t-shirt with a lingerie cage bra or wearing a harness with your work blazer, layering those sensual accessories with everyday clothing items is a trend that can not be ignored. The Bratye Collection of lingerie harnesses and cage bras is designed to contour your curves with sensual versatility so that you can wear them wherever this world takes you. Ahead are 3 lingerie harness cage bras that you can accessorize with your everyday work attire.

Do Me Proper Bratye Lingerie Cage Bra

Give your look little respect with this demure and sensual cage bra from the Do Me Proper Collection. Soft satin tyes flirt with your collar bones so you easily wear this sensual look with a bodycon dress, tube top or even just a simple t-shirt. Take the boudoir with you wherever you go with this beautifully feminine bra harness.

Ivy Bratye Lingerie Cage Bra

Let the curiosity begin with this criss-cross lingerie bra harness that you can wear underneath a blazer, over a collared shirt or perhaps with nothing at all. A soft adjustable elastic waists accommodates a variety of different sizes so you can layer it with ease. Soft satin tyes accent the sides for an undeniably flirtatious finish you can take anywhere. Perfect for a night on the town or even just lounging around your boudoir.

French Kiss Lingerie Cage Bra

Kiss your torso with sensual luxury in this hybrid lingerie cage bra harness and body chain. A beautiful pearl strand cascades down the front of the torso while adjustable waist and neck give you the sizing you wish. Wear this lingerie cage bra harness with a professional business suit, cocktail dress, lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all.

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