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Lingerie Jewelry: 3 Chokers for your Boudoir

When you think about your wardrobe, do you also think about your accessory wardrobe? It's more than just your jewelry box. It's belts, it's shoes, and yes, it's lingerie. There are so many beautiful ways to accessorize lingerie. The Bowtyes Collection of feminine chokers and necklaces is inspired to create intimate moments. And many of those moments are created with lingerie. So pairing a feminine choker with lingerie seems to be a match made in heaven. Ahead are 3 bowtye chokers that you should consider wearing in your boudoir with your favorite lingerie.

Lady Bowtye Choker

The Lady bowtye choker is a versatile piece of lingerie jewelry that features a soft elastic that encircles the neck and on the nape of the neck features two tyes for a sweet surprise. This bowtye choker comes in white and black so you can enjoy it with a variety of different looks and lingerie. Not only can you dress this choker up you can also wear it to yoga or a night on the town. Enjoy accessorizing your lingerie with this simple and feminine choker.

Marie Antoinette Bowtye Choker

Inspired by the kitten in you, this vintage-like choker is a beautiful way to accessorize your teddies, lingerie sets or perhaps nothing at all. Enjoy time in your boudoir with this irresistibly feminine lingerie jewelry choker that is available in black, white and pink so you can enjoy it with a variety of different #OOTD. A soft velvet finish creates a luxurious finish that you can take with you wherever you want to go.

Femme Fatale Bowtye Choker

Discover the Femme Fatale in you with this traditional bow tie choker designed for sophisticated seduction. This handcrafted bow tie choker features a satin tye and soft elastic neck band so you can wear it all day and all night. Pair this choker with your favorite bodysuit or corset for a feminine finish that is irresistibly seductive. Discover new ways to accessorize your lingerie with this feminine bow choker that you can wear with a variety of looks.

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