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Less is More with Lingerie Harnesses

Have you ever heard the saying, elegance is simplicity? If so, and you agree, then deciphering ways to accessorize with less but still creating that polished finish might be the way to go.

The cage bra is a lingerie accessory that is often overlooked. Although mainly aesthetic in nature, and not as functional as most bras, this category of lingerie accessories can instantly transform your look. Whether you are going out with your #squad for the night or just kick'n with your chosen one for the night, wear cage bras over that little black dress, lingerie set or even over a tight white tee to give your curves a sweet contour that won't go unnoticed. Delight your look with elegance and simplicity but even wearing it under a tube top to give your shoulder that beautiful accent that is so unique you might leave your onlookers wanting more. Lingerie cage bras are characterized by elastic straps that are visible when worn and are often cupless. For example, the Do Me Proper cage bra shown above is a beautiful handcrafted cage bra that features an adjustable elastic strap making it easy to customize the fit and allow you to wear it in multiple ways, either over or under layers. The satin tyes rest on the shoulders giving your look that sensual appeal that is irresistible.

Looking for something a little different? Than the Ivy Bratye is a beautiful option that you can wear under a sheer shirt or perhaps nothing at all. Want to explore more, or should we say less, head over to the Bratye Collection and explore all the different styles that you can incorporate into your everyday or every night look.

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