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Layering with Bow Belts

It's that time again. When we layer it on and have fun taking it off. Whether you need a light sweater or more accessories to glam your look, layering is a fun and sometimes underutilized styling strategy that we can all enjoy. Layering comes in a variety of ways, you can layer your necklaces, your outerwear or your look with Bow Belts. The Beltye Collection of bow belts is inspired top created a contouring effect with a layered look. Enjoy accessorizing your #OOTD with this array of feminine bow belts. Ahead are three bow belts that you can layer anytime you please.

The Pinup Beltye Bow Belt

Illuminate your look with femininity and retro glamour with this versatile and simple bow belt from the Pinup Collection. This pindotted bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and satin waistband with a soft adjustable elastic strap that you can wear with your favorite pencil skirt, lacy nothing or whatever your heart desires. Perfect for when you want to add a hint of definition with a dash of feminine glam.

The Fringe with Benefits Bow Belt

Discover the playful side of accessorizing with this fringe belt from the Fringe with Benefits Collection. This ultra feminine bow belt features wispy fringe and a soft adjustable elastic strap allowing you to wear it anyway you wish. Wear this fringe bow belt with your favorite low riding skirt or with that lacy nothing. There is no stopping the playful accessorizing with this fringe bow belt.

The Enchantress Beltye Bow Belt

Enchant any look with femininity in this simple yet evocative bow belt from the Enchantress Collection. This bow belt features wispy sides and a soft satin tye designed to become the focal point of your favorite #ootd. A soft adjustable strap allows you to customize the fit so you can wear this bow belt low around the hips or up high as an empire waist. The fun has just begun with this collection of feminine bow belts.

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