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Kink Accessories with the Kinkette Collection

A kink. What is it? A kink is define as a persons' unique sexual preference. Sometimes it's about creating a more alluring and exciting time behind closed doors. It's about discovering ways to satisfy your wildest dreams. Whatever a kink is to you, discover an exciting way to accessorize it with the Kinkette Collection. Inspired by all things kink and feminine, this collection of kink accessories is designed to light up your imagination to make your time behind closed doors fun and sweet. Ahead are a few items from the Kinkette Collection that you should consider when you are exploring your kinks.

The Kinkette Tyecuffs Soft Bondage Kink Accessories

Introducing the latest addition to the Kinkette Collection, these soft bondage handcuffs are a beautiful and fearless way to explore your kinks without the worry of losing a key or getting in an uncomfortable situation. Simply slide these soft bondage cuffs onto your wrists or ankles for a sensual experience you can put on replay. Soft elastic loops make them comfortable and quick to employ whenever the moment calls for it.

The Kinkette Bratye Lingerie Harness

Discover a stylish way to wear your kink with this handcrafted lingerie harness from the Kinkette Collection. This simple and versatile cage bra will easily adapt to a variety of different looks and styles. Wear it with a collared shirt, a little black dress or perhaps with nothing at all. Enjoy the power of kink accessories with this lingerie cage bra harness.

The Kinkette Niptye Nipple Clamps

Experience the magic of kinky sensations with this nipple clamp choker set from the Kinkette Collection. Featuring a kittenish choker and non-piercing nipple clamps, this beautifully feminine kink accessory can be worn inside and outside the bedroom. Wear this under a loose blouse, a blazer or your favorite lacy nothing. Satisfy all your kinks with this feminine nipple clamp necklace.

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