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How to Enchant with Bow Rings

The art of enchantment. That feeling of radiate delight that so infectiously and beautifully moves from one person to the next. So how do you enchant? How do you radiate and persuade people to follow? It starts from inspiration. That spark that ignites you to be authentic and feminine. So why not investigate accessories that make you feel that way to discover that spark. The Ringtyes Collection of bow rings are inspired to elicit beauty, simplicity and femininity in any look you wish. From bold to basic, this collection is a classic addition you can add to your fingertips whenever you are feeling the need to enchant. Ahead are 3 bow rings that are perfect for when you want to cast your next spell:

The Enchantress Ringtye Bow Ring

This seductively feminine bow ring is a beautiful addition to your favorite looks when you are feeling demure and delish. Beautiful wispy dovetails sweep around the fingers for an irresistible finish that will keep the compliments coming. Wear this bow ring with your little black dress, lacy nothing or somewhere in between. This feminine bow ring will have you casting a spell in no time.

The XO Ringtye Bow Ring

Kiss your fingertips with beautiful femininity in this bold and chic bow ring with an adjustable ring band that you can enjoy wearing on any finger you wish. The XO Collection of feminine lingerie accessories and intimate jewelry is inspired to accent your look with irresistible femininity that you can take with you anywhere.

The Doll Ringtye Bow Ring

Discover beauty in everything you touch with this feminine bow ring designed to inspire your looks with femininity, enchantment and elegance. This handcrafted bow ring features exaggerated tails and an adjustable ringband so you can cast a spell with any finger you wish. Dress it up or play it cool with this feminine bow ring designed to enchant anything you wish.

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