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Heel Straps | A Sweet Trip

It's time. You've waited long enough. After getting all that PTO time, it's now time to enjoy it. Whether you are escaping to the far edges of cell phone receptivity or just going down the block to your favorite night club, allow the Heeltyes Collection of feminine heel straps go with you. Designed to sweeten each step you take, allow these elastic heel accessories to transform your favorite heels, sandals or simply barefoot. Ahead are three heeltyes heel accessories that you should consider next time you take a sweet escape.

Hickey Heeltyes Heel Accessories

Leave your mark wherever you go with these flirty and feminine heel straps inspired by the art of a love bite. Featuring a petite satin tye and soft elastic band these feminine and flirtatious heel accessories are designed to light up your favorite heels, sandals or simply your barefeet. Wear them as calf garters just below the knees or around the anklets as a flirtatious finish you can not resist. Rediscover sweet accessorizing like never before.

Enchantress Heeltyes Heel Accessories

Enchant your favorite heels with a hint of sensual femininity in these feminine heel straps designed to make each step you take even sweeter. Whether you are heading into a big meeting or getting ready for that first date, these feminine heel accessories are a beautiful way to discover accessorizing that is unique and imaginative. Wear them around the ankles, heels or calves for a fresh finish you will want to take everywhere.

Lady Heeltyes Heel Accessories

Touched for the very first time? Well, kinda. These feminine heel accessories will have you be singing Madonna in no time with these flirty heeltyes heel accessories inspired by the lady, or the Material Girl, in you. The Lady Heeltyes heel accessories features a handcrafted tye and soft frilly elastic strap that you can comfortably wear all day and all day. Who knew accessorizing could be this flirty and fun.

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