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Heel Accessories that Change the Game

You finally found it. The pair of heels that you have been looking for. And you can't wait to wear them. You start imagining what you are going to wear them with. But then you start to realize that something might be missing. You begin to crave that something extra. That hint of flirtation. That dash of femininity. That's when the Heeltyes Collection of feminine heel accessories comes into play. Whether you are heading out to work or just want to hang out with the ladies and play, this flirtatious collection of heel accessories will transform your favorite pair of heels to change the game. Read on to discover three heeltyes that will make any pair of shoes a little sweeter:

XO Heeltyes Heel Accessories

Inspired by the beauty of a kiss, these undeniably feminine heel straps are a beautiful accessorizing method to transform a variety of different shoes. Wear them to the front, off to the side, or for a sexier vibe, wear them to the back. Perfect with your favorite heels, these flirtatious heel accessories can even go with sandals, flats or even your favorite sneaks! Wear them up high as calve garters to accentuate your legs even more. There's no stopping sweetness with these game changing heel accessories.

Foxy Heeltyes Heel Accessories

Sometimes you just want to come out and play. And when you get that feeling going let the Foxy Heeltyes heel accessories go with you. These flirty and feminine heel accessories are a powerful mix of flirtatious play. Wear them with your favorite heels, around your ankles or even as calve garters for a foxy finish you will want to wear again and again. Soft picot elastic straps stir the imagination while a beautiful satin tye flirts with your desires. You so foxy.

Ivy Heeltyes Heel Accessories

Inspired by the Ivy plant growth patterns and that ominous "complicated" relationship status, these criss-cross heel straps are a beautiful way to inspire your look with a hint of sweetness and a hint of mystery. Double straps criss cross around the heels, ankles or calves for an irresistible finish you will want to play with again and again. Allow these feminine heel accessories to transform your favorite kicks whether you are going out to play or heading into a meeting.

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