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Headgames with Feminine Headband

Has it happened to you? When you change hairstyles during the day. First you put it up, but then you have the urge to put it down. It starts to get in your way so then you put it half up. Then it's up again. Stop playing these headgames with your hair. Having and sticking to a hair styling strategy is a beautiful and smart way to approach to deciding what to do with your hair each day. Whether it's Updo Wednesday or French Braid Friday, having a varied and consistent approach to your hair will help you think less about your hair while doing more. Ahead are three feminine headbands that you should consider when deciding what to do with your hair instead of playing these hair headgames.

The Menage A Trois Tyera Feminine Headband

Delight your next hairstyle with beauty and femininity with this feminine headband inspired by the beauty of three. This feminine headband features three satin tyes along the side for a unique finish you can wear with an elegant updo or simply in a bun to yoga. However you decide to wear this feminine headband you will enjoy beauty and simplicity wherever you go.

The Enchantress Tyera Feminine Headband

Enchant your next hairstyle with femininity and simplicity in the Enchantress Feminine Tyera headband designed to light up your next hairstyle. Featuring a handcrafted satin tye with flirty and wispy tails, this feminine headband is a beautiful addition to an updo, curls or even just wearing your hair down. Enchant your look with femininity and sophistication in this feminine headband designed to enchant.

The Trainwreck Tyera Feminine Headband

Sometimes it's all about the journey and not the destination with this unique adult bow headband inspired by the wanderlust in us all. The Trainwreck bow headband features silver loops and satin tyes making your favorite hairstyles beautiful and fun to wear wherever your journey takes you.

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