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Everyday Luxury with Bow Earrings

It might be a Tuesday. Or a Saturday night. Whatever day you read this, it's a day for luxury. For celebration. For style inspiration. And for accessorizing. Today is the day to experience a little luxury in your everyday. No matter how mundane things get and how bored you might be, there is always something to be found in the Eartyes Collection to inspire your look and create an accessorizing experience you will want to create again and again. Ahead are 3 bow earrings that you should consider when you want to add a little luxury into your day:

Honey Eartyes Bow Earrings

Sweeten any look effortlessly with the Honey Eartyes petite bow earrings designed to light up your favorite looks. These handcrafted satin tye earrings feature a leverback earwire so you can comfortably and securely wear them all day and all night. Whether you are heading to work or going out with your #squad, these simple and versatile bow earrings will easily add a little feminine luxury to your everday.

Femme Fatale Bow Earrings

Seduction can go a long way with these luxurious sweet bow earrings from the Femme Fatale Collection. Handcrafted satin tyes dangle and delight while nickel- and lead-free earring posts allow you to comfortably wear them all day. Dress them up with a formal cocktail dress or play it cool with your favorite lingerie set, no matter what your #currentmood is, allow these simple and elegant bow earrings add a lil luxury to your day.

Marie Antoinette Pearl Bow Earrings

Flirt with luxury in these classic velvet bow earrings from the Marie Antoinette Collection. Handcrafted velvet tyes compliment teardrop pearls creating an irresistible feminine finish that you can wear anywhere. Pair these with your favorite black blazer or a lacy nothing, invite a little luxury into your look whatever day you like.

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