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Elevated Elegance with Choker Bow Necklaces

When it comes to elevating your style, what do you think of first? It is putting on a dress? Sliding on some high heels? Or perhaps curling your hair and putting it in an updo? Elegance is a lot of things to a lot of people. So defining it for yourself is the best way to discover and create styles that are congruent with your definition. However you decide to define it for yourself, let me give you a few ideas that are affordable, versatile and always elegant. Ahead are three choker bow necklaces that are beautifully feminine and intended to elevate your style whenever you wish.

Menage A Trois Choker Bow Necklace

Inspired by the art of three and the passion of a ménage à trois, the ménage à trois choker bow necklace highlights the decollete with elegance and femininity. Unique in design, this beautifully handcrafted choker bow necklace is a beautiful and effortless way to elevate your style with elegance. Pair it with a collared shirt or cocktail dress for a versatility that anyone will find attractive.

La Sophisticate Pearl Bow Choker Necklace

Inspired by the beauty of simple sophistication, the La Sophisticate bow choker necklace is an effective accessorizing option when you want to elevate your style with elegance. A creamy glass pearl details a contrasting black chain giving any look a beautiful dynamic that you can take from day to night. A satin tye sits in the side of the neck for an irresistible flirtation you will enjoy again and again.

Do Me Proper Bow Choker Necklace

Give your #OOTD the respect it deserves with this versatile and feminine bow choker necklace from the Do Me Proper Collection! This elegant bow choker necklace features an elegant draped chain giving off the illusion of a collared shirt. Now how elegant is that?! Enjoy wearing this elegant bow necklace with your favorite work attire, lacy nothing or nothing at all.

Now it's time to enjoy the power of elevating your style with elegance with these simple bow choker necklaces. Which one will you choose?

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