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Elegance with Bow Earrings

Elegance is in the eye of the beholder. Whether it's simplicity or something velvet, elegance is a seemingly subjective term that only you can define. Whether you want to dress all black or add a piece of lace, discovering how you define elegance is the first step to incorporating it into your #OOTD everyday. The Eartyes Collection of feminine bow earrings is a beautiful way to highlight your neck, cheeks and look with beauty and simplicity. From dainty bow studs to bold bow hoops, this versatile range of feminine bow earrings is a viable way to discover elegance time and time again. Ahead are three eartyes bow earrings that you should consider when you want to add elegance to your #ootd.

XO Eartyes Bow Earrings

Kiss your look with irresistible femininity in these bow earrings inspired by a kiss. Loopy and bold, wear these bow earrings with your favorite little black dress, lacy nothing or play it cool, no matter how you want to wear it, delight your look effortlessly with these bold and statement-making bow earrings.

Honey Eartyes Bow Earring Studs

Discover elegance in sweetness with these simple and elegant bow earring studs from the Honey Collection. Dainty bows adorn a leverback earwire so you can securely and comfortably wear them all day and all night. Wear them with your favorite business suit or lacy nothing, you will not get bored with these go to bow earring studs!

Femme Fatale Bow Earring Studs

Create a seductively elegant look by adding these irresistibly feminine bow earring studs from the Femme Fatale Collection. Luxurious satin tyes accent the neck for a sophisticated and feminine finish you can take anywhere your day or night takes you. Wear these bow earrings with your favorite updo or simply wear them down, no matter how you decide to accessorize them, allow them to add a hint of elegance wherever you go.

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