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Cuffing Season with Pink Handcuffs

Cuffing szn. You know that time of the year where we start to engage in relationships but don't take them seriously. We just want them to want them. And enjoy them to enjoy them. And the only thing we actually take seriously is between the sheets. So enjoy this cuffing season with the Tyecuffs Collection of pink handcuffs. From elastic to sparkly, from bold to thin, this collection of pink handcuffs will light up your intimate moments this cuffing season with flirtation and fun. Ahead are three pink handcuffs that you should consider this cuffing season.

The Kinkette Tyecuffs Pink Handcuffs

Surrender softly to the magic of foreplay with these soft elastic pink handcuffs from the Kinkette Collection. These pink handcuffs feature a long satin connector and elastic tye cuffs making it perfect for soft domination or for a little foreplay. Wear them around your wrists or ankles for a hint of restriction designed to help you discover the kinkette in you.

The Mademoiselle Tyecuffs Pink Handcuffs

Experience luxury and surrender with the Mademoiselle faux pearl handcuffs from the Tyecuffs Collection. These feminine faux pearl handcuffs feature long satin tyes that stir the imagination allowing you to create the bondage experience of your fantasies. Whether they're around your wrists or ankles, allow the magic of surrender highlight your intimate encounters this cuffing season.

The Daisy Tyecuffs Flower Pink Handcuffs

Discover softness in bondage with these irresistibly feminine flower pink handcuffs from the Daisy Collection. Soft chiffon flowers encircle the wrists or ankles while a sliding satin loop with tye accents complete the experience. Perfect as a gift or as a sensual surprise, these pink handcuffs are a beautiful way to celebrate this cuffing season.

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