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Contour with Bow Belts

We all have them. And we all have to decide what to do with them. Either hide them. Or celebrate them. Curves are a beautiful part of your body that you can either minimize or capitalize. And the Beltyes Collection of feminine bow belts is a a beautiful way to celebrate your curves without much effort. From simple to bold, flirty to seductive, this collection of bow belts can take you from that first date to your honeymoon, from your interview to your promotion, and everywhere in between. Ahead are three bow belts that you should consider celebrating your curves with.

Honey Bow Chain Belt

Sometimes you just need something small. Something dainty. Something sweet to get the accessorizing imagination going. The Honey Bow Chain Belt is a beautiful way to accessorize your curves whether you are going to work, out to play or anywhere in between. A dainty chain encircles the waist while a handcrafted satin tye accents anywhere you please. Wear it to the front, side or to the back for a sensual accessorizing experience.

Enchantress Bow Belt

Enchant your look with bewitchingly beautiful style in this adjustable bow belt designed to help you celebrate your curves with a variety of different looks. Wear this bow belt with your pencil skirt, lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all. An adjustable belt band gives you the versatility to wear it to the front, side or even to the back. When you aren't sure what to accessorize with, start with the Enchantress adjustable bow belt.

Highness Bow Belt

Discover beauty in classic style in the Highness Collection bow belt with a soft elastic adjustable belt band and classic satin tye. Perfect with a pencil skirt, long collared shirt or perhaps a pair of lacy booty shorts, this classic bow belt can be accessorized inside and outside the bedroom. No matter what you wear the Highness bow belt with, it will celebrate your curves no matter where you want to go.

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