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Bow Rings the Sweetly Suave

Sometimes you want something simple. Something sweet. Something that goes with everything and that you can enjoy year round. We got you because honestly we want that to. The Ringtye Collection of feminine bow rings is designed to be simple, effortless and versatile. Just like you. Whether you are hitting the books in a study group, out on a date with that special someone or just want a little sweetness in your life, this collection of feminine bow rings will delight your style with effortless femininity that you can not resist. Read on to discover three of our favorites that you can take with you on your next journey.

Do Me Proper Pink Bow Ring Ringtye

Discover beauty in accessorizing with this simple + sweet bow read designed to light up your look with elegance and beauty. The Do Me Proper bow ring features a soft satin tye and an adjustable ringband that you can wear on any finger you wish. Whether you are going to a party or to the gym, this simple and comfortable bow ring adds a hint of softness and sweetness wherever you go.

Doll Black Bow Ring Ringtye

Be the doll that you are with this simple yet extra bow ring from the Doll Collection! Exaggerated tails flirty with the top of the fingers so you can feel it with everything you touch. Delight your favorite looks with beauty and elegance with this simple bow ring designed to elicit the doll in you! Wear it on the center finger for a balanced look that will capture admiration and sweetness everywhere you go!

Coax White Bow Ring Ringtye

Seduce your fingertips with beauty and imaginative simplicity with this traditional bow ring from the Coax Collection! This simple and sweet bow ring is a beautiful way to accessorize without much effort not investment. If you are looking for something sweet and unique, than allow this beautiful bow ring go with you on your next adventure.

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