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Bow Necklaces to Wear to Work

Designing your day takes a lot. Your mindset. Your schedule. Your accessories. Yes, designing your day can get as granular was what accessories you want to wear. Because choosing the right accessories can give you a #vibe to make your day. They can give you a confidence boost. A self esteem check. A celebration of you. The Bowtye Collection of feminine bow necklaces and chokers is a beautiful way to design your day for success. Ahead are three bow necklaces designed to decorate your décolleté that you should consider working into your accessorizing strategy.

Lady Bowtye Bow Choker

Simple and sweet. Sophisticated and sensual. The Lady bowtye bow choker is a feminine accent. A hint of the bedroom. A choker you have been looking for. A soft picot elastic choker encircles the neck while petite tyes accent the nape of the neck for a sophisticated and surprisingly sweet accent that you will want to wear to work and beyond. The soft elastic fit makes it comfortable to wear for the 8-5pm and beyond.

La Sophisticate Bowtye Bow Necklace

Experience luxury everyday with this feminine bow necklace with creamy faux pearl accents. This beautiful necklace is the "tye" in your suit and tie;) A petite satin tye accents the side of the neck while a lead-free chain encircles the neck for a feminine finish you can enjoy anytime you want to add a little luxury to your day. Wear this versatile bow necklace with a blazer or collared shirt for a sophisticated finish you will want to wear again and again.

Menage A Trois Bow Necklace

Discover the power of three with this sophisticated and sensual bow necklace from the Menage A Trois Collection. Petite satin tyes highlight the side of the neck while a dainty lead-free chain encircles the neck for an enticing finish you can accessorize with a variety of different looks. Create your own rules of work wear with accessories that will not only brighten your look but also your day.

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