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Bow Bracelets for Work

Do you do the same thing? Look at your closet and think you have nothing to wear? Nothing that inspires you? It's okay. We've been there too. And you know what. Sometimes starting in your jewelry box instead of your closet might be the best way to start your day. After all, the style is in accessorizing. The personality in your style is how you do it. CoCo Chanel once said, "Fashion is architecture. It's a matter of proportions," and those proportions could start with something as simple and as elegant as a bow bracelet from the Tyelet Collection. These feminine bow bracelets are a versatile bunch that could start the process of deciding what to wear to work. Ahead are three Tyelet bow bracelets that you should consider the next time you go to work:

Doll Bow Bracelet Tyelet

A beautiful option to begin the dressing process. The Doll Tyelet bow bracelet is an elegant and beautiful bracelet that can be easily paired with your favorite business suit, cocktail dress or short-sleeved something. Wear this for your next presentation or for that big meeting, no matter what you are doing this feminine bow bracelet will accentuate your hands and give your look that feminine finishing touch.

Hickey Bow Bracelet Tyelet

Make your mark wherever you go with this simple bow bracelet from the Hickey Collection. A petite satin tye details a soft elastic wristband allowing you to comfortably wear it all day and all night. Pair this simple bow bracelet with a pencil skirt, business suit or professional dress for an unexpected hint of softness you will come to love.

Bombshell Bow Bracelet Tyelet

Be the bombshell that you are with this bold and beautiful bow bracelet from the Bombshell Collection! A bold satin tye and a soft elastic wrist band create a feminine statement wherever you want to go. Take this beauty of a bow bracelet from the boardroom to Happy Hour. No matter where you go, this versatile bow bracelet will go with you.

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