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Bow Anklets for #HotGirlSummer

Hot Girl Summer. You know. That feeling when summer comes around and you are feeling confident, looking good, not caring what others think and doing as you please. This vibe is all about having fun and letting your style shine. The Ankletye Collection of feminine bow anklets is exactly the kind of accessory you need when hot girl summer rolls around. Not only do these anklets accentuate your steps they make you want to strut your stuff. From basic to bold, this collection of bow anklets has you covered. Ahead are 3 feminine bow anklets that you should consider incorporating into your favorite #hotgirlsummer looks.

Trainwreck Ankletye Bow Anklet

Make everywhere you walk the catwalk with this edgy but sweet anklet inspired by the beauty of the journey. Silver loops connect satin tyes that encircle the ankle for a kinda rockstar vibe that you can wear with your favorite pair of pumps, boots or perhaps even just barefoot. Add edgy sensual appeal to your favorite looks effortlessly with this unexpected sensual accessory you can take anywhere you want to go.

Heartbreaker Ankletye Bow Anklet

Unleash the heartbreaker in you with this seductively simple bow anklet designed to light up your look with beauty and definition. A playful chain dangles around the ankle while a petite satin tye accents to create a sensually feminine statement you can wear anywhere you want to go. Dress this bow anklet up with your favorite heels or play it cool with your favorite sandals. The elastic band could even allow you to wear it as a calve garter. Hot Girl Summer here we come.

La Sophisticate Ankletye Pearl Bow Anklet

Where luxury and sensually collide. Make your Hot Girl Summer looks even hotter with this elegantly feminine bow anklet with creamy pearl details. This classy anklet is a perfect addition to that little black dress or lacy nothing. Creamy glass pearls accent the back of the ankle for a flirtatious finish you can take anywhere. Wear to work or to happy hour with your #squad, allow this elegant bow anklet to light up each step you take.

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