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Black Chokers are Everything

Let's face it. There are some things in life that never get old. They never go out of style. No matter if it's the middle of winter or a hot summer night, there are pieces in your wardrobe that you simply just gravitate towards. The Bowtyes Collection of feminine bow chokers is a classic and timeless curation of timeless chokers that you can wear to work or out to play. Highlight your decollete with sophistication and femininity with timeless bow chokers that will go with you wherever you want to go. Ahead are three black bow chokers that you should take a look at if you are looking for investment pieces that you can rely on for years to come.

Femme Fatale Bowtye Black Choker

Discover the femme fatale in you with this sophisticated and feminine black bow choker from the Femme Fatale Collection. Inspired by the traditional bow tie, this black bow choker is the perfect option if you are going to a black tie event, cocktail party or even just lounging around your boudoir. The Femme Fatale Bow Choker features a satin tye and soft elastic neckband making it so comfy you can wear it all day and all night.

Foxy Black Bow Choker

Find the foxy in you with this picot-trimmed elastic choker with satin tye detail from the Foxy Collection. Inspired by the power of the prowl, this feminine black bow choker is a beautiful and evocative strategy to light up your favorite cocktail dress, evening wear or black lacy nothings. Now isn't that foxy.

La Sophisticate Black Bow Pearl Choker

Create a sophisticated look with a laid-back luxury vibe with this black bow pearl necklace from the La Sophisticate Collection.

This classic black bow pearl necklace is a timeless classic that you can wear to work, out on a date or dancing the night away. There is nothing better than having a versatile and luxurious black bow choker that will stand the test of times and trends.

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