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Black Bow Chokers for your #AOTD

When you are looking for new accessorizing opportunityes, there are many so many options that you might feel overwhelmed, lost and eventually you might get frustrated. Instead of looking at everything, look at a specific category. Like chokers. Yes, chokers. They are not just a thing from the 90s. Chokers are often overlooked but can seriously transform your look, highlight your neck and boost your confidence. The Bowtye Collection of feminine black bow chokers is designed for your everyday #AOTD and can even be worn for a date night or as a sensual gift. No matter where you wear black bow chokers, you can be confident rocking it wherever you want to go. The Menage a Trois Bowtye blends erotic inspiration with everyday style that is versatile enough for you to wear with whatever your heart desires. This black bow necklace features a three satin tyes inspired by the act of a menage a trois. Highlight your good side with this black bow choker. Perfect for a first date or even a job interview, this bow necklace is a beautiful way to accessorize your favorite looks effortlessly. Ménage à Trois Bowtye When you are looking for something a little more playful, discover the Marie Antoinette bowtyes! These kitten-inspired chokers are available in pink, black and white. So whether you want to add something playful to your favorite boudoir looks for want something for that night out, this range of bow chokers is a beautiful and sexy way to accessorize. Marie Antoinette Bowtye Want something with a little edge? Hop aboard the Trainwreck Collection. Inspired by BDSM, this black bow choker will have you going round and round with the styling possibilityes. Wear with a sexy blazer or a little black dress, this erotic and bold black bow choker will highlight your neck and illuminate your femininity. Trainwreck Bowtye Explore the Bowtyes Collection of feminine bow chokers inspired by traditional menswear but designed to celebrate your femininity. No matter where this world takes you, accessorize your favorite looks with a black bow choker.

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