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Anklets for Music Festivals

Music festivals have become so. much. more. than just the music. It's the experience. It's the vibe. It's the fashion. Planning out your outfit takes creativity, fun and experimentation. While there are a lot of different accessories to choose from, from bright and sparkly to demure and sensual, why not go for an accessory that will last longer than the night? The Ankletye Collection of feminine anklets are designed to light up your look and sweeten each dance move you make. Make memories that will last a lifetime with accessories that will go with you wherever you do. Ahead are three anklets that you should consider incorporating into your favorite festival looks.

The Marie Antoinette Ankletye

Traditional and classic, this velvet bow anklet is a beautiful way to light up each step you take. Wear this feminine bow anklet with your favorite dance shoes, over boots or however your heart desires. It's innate versatility allows you to adapt it to a variety of looks, that extend beyond the music festival scene. Sweeten each step you take with this feminine bow anklet.

The Trainwreck Ankletye

Come aboard the journey to sweet accessorizing with this edgy but sweet bow anklet inspired by the beauty of the journey. This handcrafted anklet features satin tyes and silver loops that you can wear with boots, sandals or even just tennis shoes. Whatever route you decide to take, your destination will be a sweet statement. This Trainwreck bow anklet is available in white, pink and black so you can wear with a variety of different looks.

Fringe with Benefits Ankletye

Play with your accessorizing creativity in this irresistibly feminine fringe anklet from the Fringe with Benefits Collection. Wear this fringe anklet over sexy boots, platforms or perhaps even just barefoot. There is no stopping flirty femininity with this fringe anklet. Dress it up or play it cool with this playful anklet that will dance with you all night and stay fashionable all year long.

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