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All Business in Bow Bracelets

When you're ready to take on the day, deciding what to wear can have a bigger impact than you think. If you're uncertain or uncomfortable in what you're wearing then it could make your day a little more turbulent. But if you step out with confidence and certainty, then nothing can stop you. That is why deciding what to wear is so important. The Tyelets Collection of feminine bow bracelets is an easy solution when you want to wear something you will not doubt. From simple to bold, this collection of bow bracelets means business when it comes to making your day sweeter. Ahead are three bow bracelets you should consider when taking on your day:

The French Kiss Tyelet Bow Cuff Bracelet

This double-banded cuff bracelet, from the French Kiss Collection, is a beautifully feminine way to celebrate your femininity while wearing it with a business suit or little black dress. Inspired by the beauty and intimacy of a french kiss, this luxuriously feminine bow bracelet features adjustable cuffs and a pearl strand giving your look a uniquely luxurious finish you can enjoy wearing for that big meeting, interview or holiday party.

The Femme Fatale Tyelet Bow Bracelet

Create a sophisticated and feminine statement wherever you go with this irresistibly versatile bow bracelet from the Femme Fatale Collection. Featuring a satin tye and soft elastic band this bow bracelet is a beautiful way to accessorize your favorite business attire and beyond. Wear this to work or out to play, the world is yours with this seductively simple bow bracelet.

The Princesa Tyelet Sparkly Bow Bracelet

Sparkle even in a professional setting with a soft glow in this feminine bow bracelet from the Princesa Collection. Whether you're wearing this bow bracelet to a board meeting or on a business trip, this beautifully feminine bow bracelet will highlight your wrists with femininity. A soft rhinestone mesh wrist band accented with a soft satin tye makes it a perfect touch to your wrist game designed to make your day sweeter.

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