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Accessorize from Underneath with Cage Bras

You may think of accessorizing with all the traditional tings. Like hats, shoes, or belts. Maybe throwing in a necklace and some earrings from time to time. But now it's time to reimagine how you accessorize. While these ways are standard and get the accessorizing job done, there is something about cage bras that are so overlooked yet so alluring and imaginative. Delight your next #OOTD with sensual sweetness with the Bratyes Collection of feminine cage bras. These adjustable, soft and versatile cage bras are a beautiful way to reimagine accessorizing by starting from underneath. Ahead are 3 bratyes that you should consider for your next accessorizing adventure.

Honey Bratye Bra Chain

Inspired by the sweetness of honey, this versatile and beautiful range of bra chains is designed to be worn underneath and become visible at the neck and shoulders just like a necklace. A lead-free chain caresses the torso while two satin tyes accent the shoulders for a flirtatious finish you can take with you from the beach to that first date. Wear it with your favorite sundress, swimsuit or perhaps nothing at all.

Ivy Bratye Cage Bra

Light up any look with erotic femininity in this feminine cage bra designed to caress the torso with beauty and allure. Inspired by the art of entanglement this criss cross cage bra is a beautiful way to accessorize underneath a blazer, a contouring dress or with your favorite lingerie set. Soft elastic straps stir the imagination and light up any look you wish. Accessorizing has never been more sensual.

Lady Bratye Cage Bra

Discover the beauty of femininity with this versatile and feminine cage bra from the Lady Collection. This beautiful cage bra features an two straps that can be worn like suspenders or crossed so they accentuate the bottom of the neck. Wear this cage bra with your favorite business suit or lingerie set. Discover the femininity in you with this versatile and feminine cage bra.

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