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A Lingerie Harness for Ladies Nite

When you go out, what will you wear? This might be a question you ask yourself when you are starting to get ready to hit the town and hang out with your #squad. You could easily get overwhelmed with all the options, colors and choices. But like Vivenne Westword said, "buy less. choose well." So with this mantra in mind, it's important to purchase accessories that are timeless, elegant and versatile. The Bratyes Collection of lingerie harnesses for women is a beautiful way to contour your curves whether you're heading out to a night club or out to dinner. Ahead are three lingerie harness that you should consider next time you are getting ready for ladies nite.

The Lady Bratye Lingerie Harness

Light up your look with femininity and sensuality in this evocative lingerie harness from the Lady Collection. This beautifully feminine lingerie harness features a soft frilly elastic and adjustable fit making it perfect to wear over collared shirts, cocktail dresses or perhaps that lacy nothing you've been meaning to wear. Discover the power and beauty of sensual accessorizing with this feminine lingerie harness.

The French Kiss Bratye Lingerie Harness

Kiss your look with sensual luxury in this handcrafted lingerie harness from the French Kiss Collection. This lingerie harness features a creamy pearl link chain and soft adjustable straps designed to illuminate the imagination. Wear this lingerie harness under a low cut shirt, over a black dress or perhaps with nothing at all.

The Femme Fatale Bratye Lingerie Harness

Discover the femme fatale in you with this evocatively feminine lingerie harness from the Femme Fatale Collection. The femme fatale lingerie harness is inspired by the traditional menswear suit and tie but with contouring soft elastic and a seductive strap that cascades down the down for a sensual statement you can take anywhere. Wear this lingerie harness over or under a collared shirt, with a bodycon dress or perhaps with nothing at all.

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