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A Classic: Black Bow Earrings

Trends. Those slippery fetishes that tend to come and go with the seasons. Akin to the tides of the ocean, the ever-changing trends in fashion come in fast and vanish within a few months. While riding the waves of trend fashion can be fun, slowing down and enjoying the things that last seem to make for successful accessorizing strategies. While we all love a good trend now and again, slowing down and enjoying classic accessories is like a good glass of wine. Black bow earrings are a beautiful example of earrings that stand the test of time and have a lasting power that you can enjoy again and again. Ahead are three classic black bow earrings that you can wear whenever and wherever your heart desires.

Femme Fatale Black Bow Earrings

Discover the femme fatale in you with these sinisterly simple black bow earrings from the Femme Fatale Collection. A beautiful satin tye sits vertically down the ear for a unique finish that is exclusively TYES BY TARA. Wear these simple bow earring studs with your favorite pencil skirt, dress or work attire for a feminine finish that is irresisble.

Honey Black Bow Earrings

Style is all in the details. And these black bow earrings from the Honey Collection are a perfect example of how easy and effortless accessorizing can be. Handcrafted satin tyes adorn a leverback earwire so you can enjoy wearing them all day and all night. Perfect as a gift or when your look needs a lil sweetness.

Secrets Black Bow Dangle Earrings

Want to know a secret? That accessorizing can be sweet and simple with the Secrets black bow dangle earrings. These playfully flirty bow earrings go well with cocktail dresses, lingerie or whatever your #currentmood calls for. Light up your look instantly with these simple and seductive black bow earrings.

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