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3 Pink Chokers You Will Love

When it comes to deciding how to accessorize, you might lean towards something safe. Something you've done before. Something you've seen someone else wear. Something that's proven to look good. Safe accessorizing is standard. You know it will be socially acceptable. Why try anything new or different? Well, this could lead to a total snooze fest when it comes to your accessorizing strategy. While a carefully calculated rotation of accessories is a beautiful way to plan and have visibility into your inventory, this leaves little room for experimentation, which is where all the fun, and innovation, happens. So leave yourself a little room. Some space. To explore something new. Like pink chokers. Yes, pink chokers. Pink chokers are a beautiful way to light up your decollete with beauty and femininity. Ahead are 3 pink chokers that might surprise you. Femme Fatale Bow Choker in Pink / Sophistication has never looked so sweet than with this feminine pink bow choker inspired by the traditional menswear bowtie but with a twist. This handcrafted pink bow choker is beautiful with a crisp collared shirt, with a sleeveless dress or perhaps your favorite lingerie set. Featuring a soft elastic neckband, this pink bow choker will be comfortable to wear from dusk to dawn. Marie Antoinette Bow Choker in Pink / Be a classic. Be remembered. Just be in this beautifully iconic bow choker inspired by Marie Antoinette. This velvet bow choker features a classic kittenish tye that you can dress up with your favorite little black dress or, if you are feeling frisky, nothing at all. This must have pink choker will highlight your decollete and face frame that will have others admiring your beauty. La Sophisticate Bow Necklace in Pink Pearl and White / Discover simple accessorizing with this handcrafted bow necklace that is beautiful to wear to work, on a first date or perhaps Sunday brunch. Inspired by elegance and simplicity, this pink choker features a satin tye and luxurious pink pearls that you can wear as much as your heart desires.

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