Duchess Tyelet

$18 USD

Inspire the Duchess in you with this ultra-versatile bow bracelet designed to flatter everything you wear.  This versatile bow bracelet features a handcrafted tulle tye that creates a unique and feminine finish.

✨Handcrafted tulle tye

✨Soft elastic bracelet 

✨Clasp closure

Product Care
    Each and every tye is carefully designed and handcrafted to create a sensually sweet accessorizing experience.  To prolong the life and vibrancy of your Tyes By Tara, please follow these simple care instructions:

    ALWAYS remove jewelry, accessories, and intimates when washing your hands, showering or swimming.  Moisture can cause the tyes to dull and lose their beautiful shape.
    AVOID spraying or applying any alcohol or oil-based products such as hairspray, lotions, perfumes or cleansers on or near the tye to prevent stains. 
    NEVER expose a tye to extreme heat or direct sunlight over extended periods of time as this may cause the tye to fade and dull.

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