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How To Style Your Hairtye Hair Bow

How To Style Your Hairtye Hair Bow

Hairtye hair bows are designed to be versatile, feminine and fun to wear.  Featuring a handcrafted tye and a salon-style hair comb, these pretty hair accessories are a great way to transform your look.  Whether you are heading out to work or for a night out with friends, the hairtye hair bow collection is a great addition when you are looking for that strategic accessory. 


Wearing a hairtye hair underneath a bun is a great way to secure it in place as well as give it a feminine accent.  This is perfect for a formal event or when you are going to work.  I prefer to wear a hairtye without tails to give it a clean presentation.


To get your hair off your neck while giving your hair a sweet style, try pulling your hair into a ponytail and inserting a hairtye hair bow into it.  A loose, messy pony tail with a hairtye hair bow with it is a simple yet stylish way to give your look a feminine finish.


A mix of formal and a casual all in one hairstyle. Separate your hair into two sections, one on top and one on the bottom.  Put your hair in a ponytail and insert your favorite hairtye hair bow.  For an extra touch, try curling the ends of your hair to give your hair dimension and body.  


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