Uncover where elegance meets style in this vintage-inspired collection designed to make any look feminine and classic.  Employing the soft touch of velvet, this collection of feminine and intimate accessories is designed to last time and time again.  Make this collection a staple in your accessory wardrobe by discovering it's innate versatility and beautiful simplicity that will enhance your look with femininity, elegance and style. From beautiful pearl bow earrings to sensual pearl nipple clamps, this collection defines a bold range of accessorizing that you can enjoy anytime your heart desires.  Whether you want a sexy bow choker or a simple bow hair accessory, allow this vintage-inspired collection to make your look timeless.  Accessorizing has never been more elegant.  Designed with clean lines and the accent of a beautiful tear-drop pearl, the Marie Antoinette Collection makes for the perfect accent time and time again.  When you don't know what to wear, let the Marie Antoinette Collection of feminine and intimate accessories be your answer. #tyesbytara