Centennial, Colorado - TYES BY TARA has announced the release of the latest collection: The Lionesse.  Inspired by primitive instincts, the Loinesse Collection features a diversified range of feminine jewelry and sensual intimates to satisfy different palettes.  "The Lionesse Collection is inspired by our deepest, most primitive desires to satisfy and to please," states designer Tara Stravinsky, "featuring a variety of feminine jewelry pieces and suggestive sensual intimates makes this collection a perfect match for the adventurous women who are not afraid to exhibit her sensuality."

The Loinesse Collection is available in four different designs: The Lionesse Bowtye bow necklace, The Lionesse Eartyes bow earrings, The Lionesse Beltye bow belt and the Loinesse Niptyes nipple clamps.  Each design features handcrafted organza tyes and lead-free chain.   

The Loinesse Bowtye bow necklace is a versatile feminine necklace that is designed to highlight the chest and to be worn with a low cut shirt or lingerie.  Made to entice and delight, the Loinesse Bowtye bow necklace is a sultry necklace that makes seducing fun.

The Loinesse Eartyes bow earrings are exaggerated to draw attention to the neck and to the lips.  These bow earrings are sensual yet are simple enough to wear ayn time your heart desires.

The Loinesse Beltye bow belt chain is a sultry accessory designed to highlight the hips and pelvic area.  This bow belt chain can be worn to the front or to the back for extra versatility.  Dainty chain dangle down the thighs or buttocks for a sultry finish no one can ignore.

The Loinesse Niptyes nipple clamps tease and delight any onlooker.  Handcrafted organza tyes dangle with playful intention while flexible nipple clamps secure onto the nipple for a sensual look designed to ignite passion.

To see the Lionesse Collection of feminine jewelry and sensual intimates, click here.