Introducing the C'est La Vie Printye Art Print ūüéÄ

Centennial, Colorado - Tyes By Tara, an award-winning brand that designs jewelry, accessories, intimates and gifts to celebrate femininity, has announced a new addition to the Printye Collection: The C'est La Vie Printye art print.  

Inspired by the mood and the desire to simply observe life and how things happen.  With neither a positive nor a negative spin on the phrase, just a neutral observation of how things are in life and to embrace them.  This pretty printye art print is a perfect addition to a dressing table, boudoir or on a desk.  Designed to add a touch of femininity wherever your heart desires with two handcrafted satin tyes in the upper corners of the graphic.  

"The C'est la Vie Printye is a beautiful addition to the Printye Collection," states designer Tara Stravinsky, "it's the intersection of life, femininity and art."

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