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Lingerie Trends: From the Bedroom to the Office

Posted on June 04 2018

You've might have seen it on Instagram.  Or maybe witnessed this trend from the girl that sits next to you at work.  Lingerie-inspired looks have been exposing themselves all over the place.  Whether it's a corset over a white business shirt or a see-thru shirt exposing the bralette underneath or even an eyelash lace crop top, lingerie-inspired looks have been adventuring outside the bedroom and I have been absolutely loving it.  It's almost like a hint of femininity emerging through style. Here are a few looks that I have been absolutely loving.  


Celebrating your curves is a beautiful thing.  And a corset helps you do that.  Especially when you wear it with a simple t-shirt or business shirt.  The corset provides definition to your torso and it also helps you maintain your posture.  This lingerie-inspired look is versatile and easy to pull off.  For a more elegant look, try wearing a corset with a puffy sleeved shirt and for a more casual look, try wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt.  There are several options you can play with here which is why this lingerie-inspired trend is so awesome.


It's what's underneath that counts.  And it could not be more evident with this trend.  Sheer shirts and skirts are a popular way to expose a little of the unexpected.  I love wearing a sheer black shirt with a black bra underneath or a see-thru skirt with nude bootie shorts.  Either way, investing in a few sheer pieces is a great way to give your style a bit of the unexpected.


Wear them to bed or wear them out on the town, beautiful bralettes are a great way to master this lingerie-inspired trend.  Wear them to the beach or out of the town or when you pass out, having a lacy bralette that provides full coverage is a sexy and sweet way to style almost anything.  Jeans, suit pants or a skirt, having a few bralettes in your wardrobe is a great way to celebrate you. 

Here are a few body chains that you can pair with your lingerie-inspired looks: